Agreed by Church Meeting 11th January 2011

In the belief that the Church should be concerned with the political, social and economic structures of society, and that the promotion of justice and peace is the essence of and integral to our Christian Faith we the people of Burnham United Reformed Church, promise a commitment to live a life that remembers those in poverty.

In so doing we promise to:-

(i) plan, promote and celebrate an annual frugal lunch or fast day.

(ii) respond to emergency appeals in times of disaster.

(iii) give a minimum of 1% of gross annual church income to the poor.

(iv) use our skills to help others.

(v) give time to visiting the sick

(vi) support actively any justifiable campaigns for relief of debt and for aid to those in need and in particular Commitment for Life and Christian Aid.

(vii) support and encourage the use of Fair Trade tea and coffee at all church events.

(viii) support local ecumenical initiatives aimed at tackling poverty issues.

(ix) invite speakers from agencies working with the poor, to speak at worship or meetings so as to increase our understanding of poverty issues.

(x) Lobby our local MP’s for an increased and effective overseas aid programme.

We further promise to:-

include prayers for the poor and distressed as a regular feature of our prayer life and integrate a justice and peace perspective into our preaching of the gospel.